Q: What is a Pubcycle?

A: HVL Pedal & Brews is an extraordinary 14-person pedal-powered (electric motor-assisted) vehicle like no other. 10 Peddlers, 4 Non-Peddlers, and your Conductor that navigates downtown Hendersonville with a healthy dose of humor, style, and entertainment. Tours are BYOB; beer, cider, or wine and provide guests with a fun, safe, and eco-friendly way to experience the sights and sounds and sips of Hendersonville like never before.

Q: What food and drinks can I bring on the pubcycle?

A: HVL Pedal & Brews is BYOB, Beer, cider, and wine are allowed, but NO hard alcohol or kegs are permitted, and NO opened containers prior to getting on the pubcycle. Cans are the preferred container and boxed wine is a good option, as well! Food is not recommended however non-alcoholic drinks are welcome. A good size camping cooler is on board, but feel free to bring your own if you’re bringing a lot. Alcoholic beverages must remain on board at all times. Use common sense; you can’t get off the bike with your open beverage – it’s against the law!

Q: Where do I start and end my Pubcycle tour?

A: All tours will start and end outside of Blue Ridge Beer Garden located at 402 S Church St, Hendersonville, NC. Parking can be located at Badcock Funiture Store or Wells Fargo Bank

Q: What other things do people bring?

A: WATER, decorations, masks, costumes, best drinking buddy!

Q: How do I book and pay for a tour?

Book individual seats or Book the entire bike for your group online – Click on Book a Tour and select the appropriate number of seats. Use the calendar to navigate to your date, then select from the time slots that are available that day.
You’ll receive a confirmation email upon booking, and another reminder as your event date gets closer.

If you are a smaller party of less than 6, we suggest hopping on a tour that already has a few guests. Tours with less than 6 guests will not be accepted until we reach 6 or more guests on the tour. In the event that we must cancel a tour due to a lack of riders, you will receive advance notice and a full refund.

Q: Should we tip our driver?

A: Absolutely! It’s how they pay rent. We know our local tour guides are some of the best in the business, and you can show your appreciation for their talent with good old fashioned American cash after they show you a great time around town!

Q: Age and other Restrictions for Riders?

A: For safety reasons the minimum age is 15 years, no riders under the age of 15 are allowed on board. There’s no maximum age limit.

All riders must show a valid State ID to prove the legal drinking age.

The seat heights are adjustable, however, riders who are under 4′-8” may not reach the pedals on the bike and can sit on the rear bench seat, or at either two of non-pedaling side seats.

The pubcycle is equipped with backrest and seat belts.

Q: How hard is thing to pedal?

A: You don’t have to be Lance Armstrong! Anyone can pedal around and have fun. The vehicle has an electric motor for the hills of Hendo or for crowds that just prefer to ride.

Tour prices and details

A: Pedal to the Pints tour is $25 per person, a 1.5-hour-long tour that makes two 15-20 min stops at local breweries.

Pedal Your Hendo Off! 45 minutes exploring the sights and lights of downtown Hendersonville for only $15 per person.

Pedal Backwards is a 45-minute non-alcohol tour taking you for a tour of Hendersonville’s historic landmarks and cemetery for only $15 per person.

There are 10 pedal seats and room for 4 non-peddlers. If you are pedaling,

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

We will issue a 100% refund for PUBLIC TOURS (Pedal to the Pints, Pedal Your Hendo Off! and Pedal Backwards) if the cancellation is made 24 hrs before your tour.

We will issue a 100% refund for PRIVATE TOURS (Pedal-Drink-Repeat) if the cancellation is made 72 hrs before your tour.

If you are a smaller party of less than 6, we suggest hopping on a tour that already has a few guests. Tours with less than 6 guests will not be accepted until we reach 6 or more guests on the tour. In the event that we must cancel a tour due to a lack of riders, you will receive advance notice and a full refund.

Q: What should I wear?

We recommend all riders to dress appropriately for the weather while on the pubcycle. Wear comfy pants/shorts (white pants are not recommended), and comfy shoes or sandals (flip-flops are not the best idea). Bring gloves and hats for the winter months! Costumes are encouraged!

What’s up with all the rules!

A: City franchise agreement/ordnance requirements hold us to a standard. Your Tour Driver will go over the rules and behavior expectations at the beginning of your tour. Most of these are outlined on the waiver. If you act in a dangerous or unruly manner, you may be asked to leave. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, safe social outing while being good stewards to the city, business owners, and visitors.

  • No drinking from glass containers on the bike. Growlers/bottles are allowed but must be poured into a cup and stored in the ice chest.
  • Your Tour Driver IS THE BOSS
  • There can be no moving around, leaving, or jumping off the Pubcycle while in motion. Planned and announced stops only.
  • Respect our streets and our town, so no littering, nudity, excess noise, or general debauchery, please.
  • A trained Pubcycle employee is the only individual who can drive the bike.
  • Pubcycle employees are not allowed to sell or serve your beer or wine. BYO & SYO (serve your own) only.
  • IDs are checked at the time of departure, only 21 years of age or older may drink beer or wine on the Pubcycle.
  • Waiver – please see that everyone on your tour signs and gives to the Tour Driver prior to the tour start.
  • At all times, the driver reserves the right to expel any and all careless or highly intoxicated riders.
  • If a rider(s) is asked to leave the tour, the rider(s) will be responsible for finding their own way home, and no refund will be given.

Q: The weather is less than ideal, and I scheduled my ride for today. Can I still pedal?

A: The Pubcycle runs rain or shine, hot or cold! We all know how unpredictable Hendersonville’s weather can be, so make sure you dress accordingly, it’s quite possibly more fun in the rain, and we do have rain ponchos just in case. If the weather becomes dangerous, as in thunder & lightning; Pubcycle reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer to reschedule or refund.